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Find cool new sites and become unpredictable to search engines with our free random search generator here at Xtrawise!

This is a great way to introduct an element of randomness into your life. Don't let the search engines think they know everything about you!

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Uses of random search terms

There are plenty of reasons why you might need a random search term.

Exploring new corners of the internet

Using a random search phrase allows you to find websites you might not otherwise have found. This can be a great tool to explore something different. If you belong to a social bookmarking site such as Raindrop, Wakelet, or others, a random search term can allow you to find and share neat new things that others might not have already found.

Likewise, if you're looking for something new to share on social media, our random search generator can uncover sites you would otherwise not have come across.


Search engines try to make predictions about your interests and about the things you might want to purchase based on your browsing history. Don't let the search engines know too much about you! When you search the internet using a random search term, this will add in some spurious data into what the search engines know about you, injecting an element of randomness. This way, search engines won't be as easily able to fit you neatly into a profile segment.

Business name and branding ideas

If you're seeking inspiration for a business name, our random search generator could come up with the seed of an idea for you! While many of our two-word phrases won't necessarily make sense as a brand name, especially two very unrelated words, they can form the start of an idea where you can consider related words. For this situation, you might like to also use an online thesaurus to expand out and get synonyms of some of our words. While you're unlikely to get your perfect business name first time, you'll have plenty of start points for a brainstorming session.

The big advantage you'll have with this random search generator is that you're likely to get an initial idea that isn't already taken and that is a rare search term. This is a big help compared with trying to manually come up with business names.


Are these words safe-for-work and family-friendly?

Hopefully. An effort has been made to filter out offensive words, sexual connotations, racial slurs, LBGT slurs, and more. However, it's possible that some sensitive words remain, unknown to us. Therefore there is no guarantee that all words generated will be safe to use, so proceed with caution. If you want to check a word for any unexpected connations, we recommend Urban Dictionary.

If you notice a sensitive word produced in our generator, we would love it if you would please email us to request removal (see our contact details in the About section of this page). We're always happy to improve the quality of this free search term generator.

How are these search terms generated?

Two words are chosen from a dictionary of words. This dictionary comes from the SCOWL/Aspell package using both the British English and American English word data. We removed sensitive words as explained above. Two words are then chosen from this dictionary to create your random search term. It is theoretically possible for the same word to be chosen twice for one search term, but it would be a very rare occurrence.

How many times can I generate new search terms?

As many as you want! If you don't like the one given to you, simply press the "generate new" button. You can do this as much as you want.



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